Registering a domain name

What you should get

How to do it

If you are on the internet, presumably you are if you are reading this, then it is just a matter of having a credit card and about five minutes.

I learned about this when setting up a message board for my old school. One of our old boys, Tom Robinson, immediately set up a web address to point at it. (It has long since been changed to something else and if you are wondering, leaning on the Esse in the kitchen was where we did a lot of our chatting.)

I was flabbergasted that he did it so quickly and so cheaply - 7.50

You too can do it and what you get is 

  1. a free web holding page into which you put your contact details and some other information until you make your own pages. Here is an example I did in five minutes.
  2. free email forwarding to up to 100 different addresses so if you set up a site called then emails to "" can be sent to "jimmyathome@myfreeisp" and emails to "" can be sent to "sallyattheoffice@myfreeisp"
  3. free web forwarding so that you advertise "" and visitors get automatically sent to "www.jimmyathome.homepages.somecomplicatedaddress.myfreeisp" without anyone being able to see it happening.
  4. free catchall email forwarding so that emails to "" can be sent to any email address of your choice.
  5. you can register, .com, .org,, .net, and all the forthcoming new types of address
  6. much, much more...

How to do it? You set all these things up yourself using a simple and easy to understand web page control panel and can change them at any time. Visit and do it straight away!

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